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Are you from Launceston, Australia? Have you been meaning to dive deeper into the Launceston dating scene? Would you like to try a new free to join dating website where all members are Launceston locals? In that case, you will simply love to read this article!

Here we will bring you up to speed on what will surely become the city’s most popular dating website. You can join now for free and we’re confident you will have a great time there…. Just think about the possibilities! Imagine who might have joined in already! Most importantly… start getting into the right mindset: dating is really fun, and this website makes it very simple.

So you already have a date and you’re just looking for some fun ideas for your next date? We have something for you as well! Make sure to see the sections below which detail some of the most interesting places in Launceston to go out on a date… including some of our favourite restaurants and romantic spots. We have put great care into writing this article, so hopefully, you will get something good out of it!

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Launceston can be an incredibly romantic place when you look at it in the right perspective. Please don’t let your familiarity with the area detract you from the immense possibilities! Here’s a list of some of the absolutely finest dating spots in the area:

  • Try going on a long romantic walk around Heritage Forest, Windmill Hill or City Park
  • Have a tour of the local beer brewery (J Boag and Son Brewery)
  • Embark on the nightly ghost tour for a fun mix of local lore and scary stories
  • Visit the Coffee Republic if you’re serious about drinking good coffee
  • Head out to Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery for a highly cultural date
  • Visit Tasmania Zoo and Cataract Gorge Reserve if you feel like communing with nature

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    As we aimed to demonstrate in the previous section, a perfect romantic date should involve different activities! But no matter how creative you get (and you should!), the time will come when you and your date will start feeling hungry. When this time comes, here are some of our favourite picks for a romantic dinner!

    Local dating pro tip: Check out Charles Street! There you’ll find the most interesting, innovative and surprising places to eat. Most of the places there are true hidden jewels since for some reason most people just seem to automatically head to the city centre when they’re hungry.

    Go get some seafood! As you may know, there are some legendary seafood restaurants in Launceston which are absolutely perfect for a romantic date. Some of our favourite choices are Pierre’s, Cataract on Paterson (which also doubles as a steakhouse), and the Me Wah. For a vegetarian-friendly restaurant, we recommend Hallam’s Waterfront.

    Date Launceston Singles

    In case you haven’t realized the real benefits, we have written everything down for you as a friendly reminder. Here’s an overview of the best reasons anyone in the area who’s looking for a bit of romance should try joining a Launceston dating site:

  • It’s a great way to bridge the gap between traditional dating and online dating
  • You’ll often be delighted to notice how some people you’ve already seen around have registered their dating profiles and are available for dating
  • Likewise, after spending some time browsing the archives on a local dating site, you’re bound to come across some of those people out there in the real world
  • Dating someone locally means you’ll never have to worry about being caught up in a long distance relationship
  • Finding a local dating partner means it will be so much easier and natural to go on casual dates
  • If you fall deeply in love with a local and decide to build a life together, you won’t have to leave everything behind and leave your city for the sake of your relationship
  • Does that sound like good reasoning? Then go ahead and try the most popular new local dating site! It’s free to join, so you have nothing to lose… except your loneliness!

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